Expanded non-stop international flights

During the first half of this year, direct international flights from Jeju expanded to include 43 different routes. This figure has already surpassed last year's high of 38 direct international routes, set in August. It is also 15 more routes than June, 2012.

As the number of overseas routes increases, so does the number of foreign tourists. The total number of foreign tourists who visited Jeju until the end of June was 894,808, a 33.6% increase over last year. In addition, the number of Chinese tourists has skyrocketed, showing a 62.4% increase.

In the meantime, Jeju Province determined that the expansion of direct international routes is a priority for attracting foreign tourists. The government has thus made various efforts, through co-marketing projects with airlines and travel agencies, ads to create tourism demand, and networking with relevant agencies.

Specifically, expanding direct flight routes has led to an increase in longer stays by tourists, which plays an important role in the local economy.

Jeju Province is expecting even better tourist opportunities in the future after opening Jeju-Shanghai direct flights starting yesterday.

Along with the Tourism Association and the Jeju Tourism Organization, Jeju will strengthen its overseas promotions, seeking to attract more individual tourists in additional to families and groups.

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