Limited vehicles on U-do Island

The Jeju Provincial Office has decided to regulate the number of cars that may enter U-do Island during the busy summer season, from July 1st to August 31st. Only 605 cars will be allowed to enter the small island per day.

The Jeju Provincial Office has explained the reason for the limit, citing serious traffic congestion as having caused landscape and ecosystem damage.

Accordingly, the number of cars arriving from Jeju Island will be limited. Vehicles owned by U-do Island residents will be unaffected by the new regulation.

The Jeju Provincial Office will establish a special station in the Jeju Transportation Administration Of
fice, as well as in the passenger waiting room at the U-do Island ferry terminal, where more information will be provided for travelers. 

A similar regulation was imposed last year, when vehicle numbers were limited for 20 days during July and August. During that period a total of 218,000 people visited U-do Island.

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