Jeonju International Sound Festival, a bustling summer survival

Wishing successful opening with making ‘Sori-ju (Sound Drink)’

As D-100 of the festival approaches, the Organizing committee of the Jeonju International Sound Festival is bustling for successful opening of autumn festival by initiating many activities such as making Sori-Ju. 

On Jun 25th (at Hall of Sound Cultur in Jeonju Hanok Village), the committee has had event (‘Making Sori-ju’) in order to celebrate the Jeonju International Sound Festival’s D-100.

In this event, Mr. Han Kim (Committeeperson of the Sound Festival organizing committee) and Mrs. Kollen Park (Executive committee) were attended. And they hold a Ju-shin Jae (memorial service for Dionysia) and made Sori-Ju.

The Sori-Ju, which is supposed to be kept for 100 days from that moment, will be used for toast in the opening ceremony of October. 
In addition, the organizing committee has unveiled 2 posters which represent the Sound Festival. The main poster (see left side) utilizing poster image selected in the contest (in March) reminds visitors of symbolization of Arirang and music of numerous genre contained in an uphill path by showing creativity and dynamic.

A poster (see right side), featuring two executive committees (Kollen part, Hyungsuk Kim), empathize young image of Sound festival by showing bright spark and abandon, and utilizing small props that can remind of sound and music including headphone and megaphone. 

Meanwhile, with the subject of ‘Ari ArirangSoriSorirang’, the 2013 JeonjuInternational Sound Festival will be held on Oct 2~6th at JeonjuHanok village and Hall of Korean Sound Culture

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