LED Industry Forum, held in Dec at Iksan

The opportunity for development of Jeollabuk-do’s LED industry

‘2013 LED Industry Forum’, one of the largest academic events for LED related filed, will be held in Dec at Jeollabuk-do Iksan. With success of hosting LED Industry Forum into Jeollabuk-do,  Jeollabuk-do and Iksan have an ambition to make this event an opportunity for Jeollabuk-do to become a LED-related Industrial city. 

In this year, the event will be held at Wonkwangdae during the ‘10 million Chrysanthemums Festival’ (Oct 25th~Nov 3rd)

This event is now the 3rd anniversary festival which was mainly designed by LED related Industry-Academic cooperation in order to share information on the field (technology, measures, industrial tendency), and organized by the Industry Ministry. 

In the 2nd forum in which 500 visitors who are involved in LED industry and Mr. Yoon, Sang gik (Vice-minister of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy) participated, the way for development of LED Lighting Industry, and cooperation between LED Industry and other industries were presented and heavily discussed. 

Jeollabuk-do expects that this event can be an opportunity with which it can appeal the superiority of LED products (being manufactured in the province) and successful story of LED Agriculture Life Industry (driven by the province until recently) in not only Korea but also overseas.

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