Jeonam to become a Production Base for ‘Creative Work’ among Foreign Artists

Jeollanamdo and its inspiring places of retreat for artists is receiving positive reviews from foreign artists.

Currently operated by the Gwangju Culture Foundation, ‘Resident Artists’ Creative Work Support Program’ is showcasing influential foreign artists from various fields.

Residing at Daedam Art Gallery in Damyang since the end of June, Japanese Artist Hayashi Masami has been working on paintings for a series called, ‘Wind’ which will be on exhibition from August 1st at the Gallery.

Chicago-based American artist, Blake Harris who stayed at the Gallery last year also highly praised Daedam Gallery’s suitable environment for inspiring artworks.

Mokpo’s Namdo Art Center, Suncheon-based Imagine Culture Development Institute, and the Goheung Dohwahyun Art Museum are also participating in the creative residency program and are currently supporting about 20 artists at their residencies.

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