MOEL to transfer its employment policy know-how to Mongolia

Korea's Vice Minister of Employment and Labor Jung Hyun-ok and Mongolia's Vice Minister of Labor Batkhuyag Jamiyandorj signed the ‘Agreement between the Ministry of Employment and Labor of Republic of Korea and the Ministry of Labour of Mongolia concerning the policy consultation program on supply and demand in labor market in Mongolia’ in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, on July 8th (Mon.).

Under the policy consultation program, Korea will help the Mongolian government establish a labor supply and demand system by developing manpower forecasting models for, and transferring relevant techniques to, the Mongolian government, and providing training to manpower forecasting experts from Mongolia.

Mongolia set up the Labor Research Institute affiliated with the Ministry of Labor in 2012, and wants to strengthen the Institute's capability through collaboration with a Korean research team in the area of employment policy.
Vice Minister Jung Hyun-ok said, "Policy consultation programs for developing countries provide a valuable opportunity for us to give other developing countries the help we received from advanced countries, such as Germany."

She emphasized, "MOEL will provide realistic and practical policy advice to Mongolia so that it can make concrete progress in the area of labor supply and demand."
She also said, "I hope medium and long-term policy partnerships between Korea and Mongolia will be established across all employment policy areas including employment services, employment insurance and vocational skills development."

On July 9th (Tue.) Vice Minister Jung Hyun-ok visited Korean firms operating in Mongolia and held a meeting with people doing business there to listen to their difficulties.
During the meeting, she talked about the K-Move project the Park Keun-hye administration is actively pushing ahead with, and asked participants to give more opportunities to Korean young people seeking overseas employment.

K-Move project: a project to build an integrated information network, find job openings using the private-public network and foster talents to meet the demands of companies looking for workers in order to help young people who want to find work abroad

Since 2012 MOEL has conducted the program to assist developing countries in building institutions in the area of employment and labor with the aim of contributing to their economic and social development.

In 2012 MOEL conducted policy consultations for Vietnam (establishment of employment law), the Philippines (promotion of occupational safety and health) and Sri Lanka (enhancement of career and employment counseling). In 2013 it is carrying out policy consultation projects for Mongolia (labor supply and demand forecasting) and Myanmar (establishment of occupational safety and health law).

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