National Assembly reduces energy use by 8.5%

The National Assembly Secretariat announced that since it set forth the electricity-saving plan in late May, it has saved about 8.5% of electricity as of June 16, compared to the same period of the last year. It estimated that with the plan in place, the National Assembly would reduce power charges through this summer by 180 million won (about 160,000 dollars) from those of the last summer. 

Under the plan, the National Assembly buildings are keeping the temperature at 28℃ (82.4℉) or above; not operating air conditioners for one hour respectively in the morning and in the afternoon during the office hours; limiting the number of elevators in operation when the house is not in session; switching off one row of lighting equipment by windows in each office; turning off computers and lighting equipment during the lunch time; and letting the staff dress casually. 

“We are carrying out a very ambitious energy-saving plan, even allowing no-ties in the plenary for the first time since the establishment of the National Assembly. As an unprecedented power shortage is expected this year, the public and private sectors should work together to cope with the difficulties,” said Secretary-General Chung Jin-suk.

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