Programs for global environment capital city project

Jeju Province will start a special program to seek participation and support in government and international organizations for the 2020 Jeju Global Environment Capital City Project.

Jeju Province will hold an International Environment Forum this coming September to explore strategies for creating a global environment capital city. It will be held in conjunction with the first anniversary of the 2012 World Conservation Congress, held on Jeju last year. In addition, Jeju will promote five province-specific agendas focusing on attracting increased participation in government and international organizations.

Moreover, Jeju is planning to sign a memorandum of understanding to secure its rights to co-host the World Leaders Forum, the International Environment Forum, and a long-term business cooperation with the IUCN.

Jeju Province will also carry out its plan to establish itself as a global environment capital city. It has successfully secured 200 million won of supplementary budget to help secure its certification in 2020.

The global environment capital city plan will be submitted to the 7th WCC initiative, to be held in 2016. If the plan is adapted, Jeju could be certified as the first IUCN world environmental capital city at the 8th WCC in 2020, after an assessment by the IUCN.

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