Trilateral meetings in Japan.

The 8th Korea-China-Japan trilateral meetings were held Monday, July 8th in Hokkaido, Japan.

These trilateral meetings were organized by the Korean Joong-Ang Daily Newspaper, the Japanese Nihon Keizai Shimbun, and the Chinese Xinhua News Agency. As well, they were attended by 30 prominent leaders from the political, economic, academic, and cultural fields of all three countries. The trilateral meetings were developed as a private council between the nations to discuss the developmental future of Northeast Asia.

Governor Woo Guen-min from Jeju Province participated in the culture, education, and exchanges divisions, discussing ways in which the three countries can increase their cooperation and collaborations.

Trilateral meetings in Japan.
At the meetings, Governor Woo emphasized that commitment and work from Korea, China, and Japan is needed to rectify some of the unfortunate history the three nations share. He continued by making it clear the countries need to work together toward the goal of mutual prosperity and peace in Asia.

In addition, Woo clarified that Jeju Province itself will work for the development of Northeast Asian cultures.

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