Seoul Metropolitan Government Holds Green Exhibit Titled Save the Earth

Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding a green exhibit titled Save the Earth between July 8 and July 31 at the lobby of the New City Hall. Items displayed are good-quality, environment-friendly ones made by SMEs, including waterless urinals, compact diapers, and hanji (traditional Korean paper) socks. 

The exhibit is being held to introduce diverse green products (32 in all) and build people’s consensus on energy conservation. The event will be divided into three sectors: energy saving, everyday green goods, and green architecture. 

The energy saving sector will be the focus in energy-saving LED electric stands, whereas the everyday green goods sector will introduce flower wreathes made of waste paper. The green architecture zone will showcase goods associated with the bio gas-based power generation system. Visitors will be allowed to touch the displayed goods and see how they work. 

At the event, visitors will also be able to check detailed information on the energy saving campaign (Let’s Reduce the Number of Nuclear Power Plants) promoted by Seoul Metropolitan Government, CIS (copper, indium, and selenium) thin-film producer Solar Frontier, which can produce energy even on a cloudy day, and eco-mileage system.

Commenting on the event, Lee In-geun, Director of Environmental Policy Division, said, “People are taking heightened interest in SME-made green products with good functions and ideas. We hope the event will help people put green life into practice daily.”

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