Seoul Metropolitan Government to Train High School Seniors with No Immediate College Plans as Leather Goods/Fashion Professionals

Kim Seo-ul (18), a senior at Mirae High School of Science and Technology, decided to get a job instead of going to college. She learned about a Seoul Metropolitan Government-run program for training young people as leather goods professionals. 

She attended a special lecture and a one-day hands-on experience session. Making a leather card holder on a trial basis, she thought the work suited her well and enrolled in a job training course offered by Seoul Metropolitan Government. 

Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that the leather goods/fashion professional training program was started on July 10 for 30 high school seniors who volunteered. 

Said program was launched to help high school seniors who will not be going to college start a career as professionals. 

Co-launched by Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seongdong-gu Office with the participation of the Seongdong Fashion Center, the professional job program focuses on skills related to leather bags and shoes. Young volunteers will go through a three-month course (twice a week, i.e., Wednesday and Thursday/4 hours per class (2:00~6:00 PM). 

The training session will focus on practical skills in the production of leather goods. Experienced lecturers will give the trainees coaching on their future career. 

Upon completion of the training session in October, the trainees will be given an opportunity to meet recruiters from 20-plus leather goods businesses through the arrangement made by Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seongdong-gu Office. Trainees recruited at this session will be paid up to 3.3 million won per person as grant in aid, with the recruiting businesses to receive up to 8.4 million won per trainee recruited, also as grant in aid. 

Commenting on the program, Mr. An Jun-ho, a director general of Educational Cooperation at Seoul Metropolitan Government, said, “This program aims to give job opportunities to high school seniors who will not be going to college so that they may start their future career with bright hopes.”

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