Seoul Metropolitan Government to Provide Bike Racks and Pumps to Schools

Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it would provide racks for 800 bikes and 223 pumps to selected schools during the summer vacation (July and August). 

Elementary, middle, and high schools whose number of students using bikes is larger than others will be selected. Seoul Metropolitan Government has repaired bike roads and provided bike-related facilities (e.g., bike racks) for such schools. Since 2007, a total of 223 schools have been selected. This year, 22 schools have been added to the list based on onsite surveys. 

Seoul Metropolitan Government will also provide bike repair service for the 223 schools. Simple parts will be replaced free of charge. For students’ safety, the service will focus on brake, handlebar, chain, and accelerator. 

Seoul Metropolitan Government will continue to expand the list of selected schools. It also plans to provide safety education for students. 

“Our program is designed to help young people use bikes as much as possible in their daily lives. We will continue to increase the number of schools selected to receive our support,” said Mr. Lee Won-mok, a Seoul Metropolitan Government official in charge of bike transportation.

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