‘Learn all about Ulsan in Ulsan PR Center!’

The renewed Ulsan PR Center which reopened on May 27 has upgraded its operating program to attract visitors. 

As of June 27, the center has attracted 4,640 visitors in total (about 200 people a day) including individual and group visits (daycare center, kindergarten, religious group, civil group, etc.). 

In particular, high-ranking foreign officials such as the governor of Hebei, China and officials from China National Offshore Oil Cooperation have also visited the center and played an important role in advertising Ulsan. 

There still have been a lot of phone calls for group visits from various organizations including elementary and middle schools and social groups. 

Therefore, the City of Ulsan has posted culture & tourism guide to the Ulsan City Tour to provide better services to visitors and operate the Ulsan PR Center more flexibly. 

The culture & tourism guides will be available starting July. They will give a comprehensive explanation on the history, culture, ecology and industry of Ulsan as well as the facilities of the Ulsan PR Center in an easy and interesting manner. It appears that visitors would love them a lot.

In addition, they will be available in the Ulsan City Tour which will be operated every day except for Monday starting August. A visit to Ulsan PR Center will be a great chance to understand the City of Ulsan. The guides will be great help for visitors to understand the background of historical sites and tourist attractions. 

An official from Ulsan City said, “We are going to make our best efforts to provide customized services to provide a variety of useful information and keep the facilities of Ulsan PR Center in good conditions.” He added, “We expect continued support interest in the Ulsan PR Center from all our citizens.” 

Meanwhile, the new 345㎡-wide Ulsan PR Center consists of four sections; History of Ulsan (quickening the modernization of the Republic of Korea), Ecological Environment (declaration of Ecopolis Ulsan / perfect harmony between human and nature), Industrial City (future of Ulsan as a global environment-friendly industrial city) and Ulsan Tour (tour of Ulsan at a 1/1,500 scale, which has been built based on satellite photos). 

The center opens from 09:00 to 18:00 Monday through Friday (closed on weekends and holidays). If a group visit is booked in advance, however, a tour can be possible even on weekends and holidays. 

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  1. How do I book Ulsan City Tour? Is there an email address that I can email to?