The 3rd Sky & Ground Shaking Festival Peace Day

The 3rd Sky & Ground Shaking Festival (Cheonjijindong Festival) Peace Day (all seats free)

Please join us! Peace for all! Peace it not that far away.
We can develop peace gradually in our daily lives and in our daily routines.
Now, <The 3rd Sky & Ground Shaking Festival of 2013> offers a wider place so that everyone can participate in peace-making activities.

Date: July 27 (Sat.), 2013 @ 18:00 Pyeonghwanuri, Imjingak, Paju City (all seats free)
Cast: Kim Deok-su Samulnori Team, Serotonin Drum Club, Gyeonggi Provincial Dance Company, Gyeonggi Provincial Philharmonic Orchestra, ZE:A, SISTAR
Place: Pyeonghwanuri, Imjingak, Paju City

Big feast of Samulnori in the midst of midsummer night will refresh you.
Extensive peace-echoing beats by 1,000 Samulnori members and 1,000 Drub Club members!
In the midsummer night, the grand performance with magnificent echo vibrating Pyeonghwanuri district and spectacles beyond the imagination will be held.

Performance program
Act 1. Peace relay <DoDream>
Peace street performance by 1,000 Kim Deok-su Samulnori members, 1,000 Serotonin Drum Club members, and DoDream National Land Long March team
Act 2. Peace Musical Drama <Cheers>
Peace-wishing touching concert for Korean War veterans and audience
ZE:A and SISTAR will appear.
※ The cast may change per circumstances.
Act 3. Peace Cheonjijindong <Harmony>
Improvisational performance by Kim Deok-su Samulnori Team mingled with audience

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