Banana Grill in Seorae Village, Seoul Korea

As someone who grew up regularly eating hamburgers from fast food chains and restaurants, which specialize in gourmet burgers, in the United States, I’m a bit more skeptical when it comes to claiming a place as one of the best tasting. As I was researching on on-line searching, for a new restaurant to eat at, I came across a personal blog that was raving about a place called Banana Grill. So, I decided to give it a shot. 

In all honesty, Banana Grill didn’t really distinguish itself from other burger joints. Although this restaurant was recommended on a internet blog.

After taking a good look at their menu, I ended up choosing their Classic Burger, which was advertised as one of the best burgers that Banana Grill had to offer. It took no more than five minutes to receive my order. Now, coming from the U.S., I was expecting a burger with a meaty and juicy patty. Sadly, I was given something that closely resembled a burger from White Castle, all bun and barely any meat.

The burger was cut in half and pinned down by two, thick skewers with pickled cabbage on the side. As I bit into it, I could only taste sauce and bun, which had a light and fluffy texture to it. In addition, the beef patty and the rest of the burger seemed to crumble very easily. This resulted in my fingers getting covered in sauce, causing me to constantly put down my burger and wipe my hands. If fries were included with the burger, it would have made up for the lack of firepower this burger had. However, you had to order the fries separately.

Banana Grill is located in a secluded area of Seorae Village (서래마을). Seorae Village (Seoul’s French Quarter) is better known for its high-end restaurants, so it was kind of a shock to see. When you take a look at the exterior of the restaurant, it’s just like any other building, but the name of the restaurant in simple, cursive lettering, gives it a nice touch. 

The interior of the restaurant, however, gave off an old-fashioned vibe, which I really enjoyed. Wooden cabinets decorate the wall and are uniquely accented with priceless items from the States that were used in what seemed like the 40s and 50s. The earthy tone color scheme creates a mellow and relaxing atmosphere. The other side of the restaurant is painted with a mustard yellow backdrop and has the restaurant’s name with a hamburger and utensils. Next to all the seating are the counter and the kitchen with a Plexiglas window, allowing you to see your hamburger made with your very own eyes.

Location: Seoul, Seocho-gu Banpo-dong 93-5.

Price Range: 6,500 won to 10,500 won ($6.50 to $10.50).


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