'Sinuiju Chapssal Sundae' Samsung Store of Food Court in COEX

The restaurant of Sundaegukbap (Korean Blood Sausage Rice Soup) was not once the trend, but it has totally built its own field as a kind of restaurants. 
When the food service industry became popular, Sundaeguk (Korean Sausage Soup) - from Abai Sundae that was very unique in that period to a variety of Sundaeguk, - sprang up in the market. 

In the past, Sundae was generally the simple type that is made with the intestine of a sheep / a pig stuffed with rice, dangmyeon (cellophane noodle), and ox blood.
Recently, there have been lots of changes in the outer and the content: Ojingeo (Stuffed Squid) Sundae made with fresh squid, Buchu Sundae made with Korean-leeks, etc.

Every region differs in the dipping sauce for Sundae.
In Seoul / Gyeonggi province, people eat Sundae with saeujeot (salted shrimp) / the sauce made of garlic and sesame.  
In Busan / Gyeongnam province, Sundae is eaten with the mixture of sesame salt, chili pepper, and ground pepper.
Furthermore, in other regions, people eat Sundae with doenjang (soybean paste) or with watery sauce made of garlic and sesame. 

On the other hand, there is a celebrated restaurant of Sundaegukbap in LA, United States where many immigrants from Korea have lived. 
I think 'Western Sundae' is the best one among them.

The restaurant located in Korea town is well known for Sundaegukbap, Seasoned Dandelion, Gamja jeon (pan-fried Potato), and Tteokbokki (rice cake in hot sauce).
If you take out three bowls of Sundaegukbap, the portion would be so much; it would be enough for five members in the family to eat.

Also, the restaurant of Mubong-ri Sundaegukbap is famed. 
The restaurant of Mubong-ri Sundaegukbap is good for the simple taste of Sundaeguk, generous servings, and the delicate flavor of the soup. Later, I got to know it is a franchised restaurant although I had not had the information when I was in LA. 

Last weekend, my nephews came from Daegu and we visited the aquarium in COEX. 
After we finished the three or four hours of sightseeing, we headed for Seoul Station. Then, we had to eat linner - a meal between lunch and dinner, and we all agreed to go to the restaurant of Sundaegukbap. 

Before we found the suitable restaurant of Sundaegukbap, we missed the food court of COEX and went to the wrong place, the food court of Korea City Air Terminal. In that food court, there were few restaurants that were opened but slack.

When we visited one Korean restaurant, there were three or four waiters and waitresses. However, nobody showed us into the seats and we, including my nephews, just wandered around the restaurant. After that, we got out of there. 
We did not expect 'a big WELCOME', but the restaurant was not basically ready for customers.
The waiters and waitresses only did their given task even though they saw us. Six of us wandered around to have seats and just got out of the restaurant.
We thought their service ethos was not actually ready for clients; we felt like being treated poorly and lost our appetite before trying food. 

I planned to go to Seoul Station first, but my nephews said they were so hungry. Then, we went back to COEX Mall, looked for the restaurant, and found the restaurant of Sundaegukbap. 
'Sinuiju Chapssal Sundae (made with glutinous rice)' is the restaurant that we can encounter even when we visited any places. 
We are well aware of the limit of the franchised restaurant, but we wandered around almost for one hour and decided to go 'Sinuiju Chapssal Sundae' by being so into Sundae. 
Why are there so many restaurants in COEX Mall that are closed these days? 

Anyway, when we came to the restaurant, there was only one middle aged lady who was serving customers.
By the nature of the place, their main customers are the office people working nearby who visit the lunch time on weekdays rather than the people visiting on weekends, and they seemed not to care the business on weekends in particular. 
Was the Korean restaurant in Korea City Air Terminal the same as this?

We had seats, and saw Gondeure bap (Rice with Cirsium in a Hot Pot), Sundaegukbap, Ppyeo haejangguk (Pork Rib Hangover Soup) in the menu.

We ordered three kinds of dishes and started waiting. The only one waitress was serving other two tables, one table of new customers, and our table altogether. However, without any trouble, she gave us a fast service by moving so swiftly.
With that ability, I thought she might have no problem at all even in peak time when customers wait in line. 
Soon the dishes were served on our table. 

Gondrebap was first served, and Sundaegukbap was followed. 
Frankly speaking, I was disappointed with Gondrebap. 

From when I ordered Gondrebap, I wondered how it would be served. 
Gondrebap is originally made of seasoned Gondre (Cirsium) and rice that should be prepared at the same time. However, the customers are usually less on weekends but the rice would be cool down if rice was cooked in advance.

Therefore, I thought it might be served like Dolsot Bibimbap (Rice Hash Cooked in a Stone Pot). However, it was ‘Gondrebap’, the slight mixture of seasoned Gondre and rice just in the bowl. It was no more or less than that.

Doenjang soup that should be contemporaneously provided with Gondrebap was served later at a short interval of time, so only Gondrebap and seasoning soy sauce were on the table. They looked humble. 

Sundaegukbap looked meager, but I realized Sundae was fully made and had a generous amount of meat when I started trying it with my spoon. 
The youngest nephew, who wanted his own bowl at some point and increased his portion, ate up, but it was somewhat a large amount. 

Then, Ppyeo haejangguk was followed.
In the soup, the outer leaves of cabbage were not bad, and the lean meat with bones was also nice. 
Adding one bowl of rice to the soup, the large amount of Gukbap was created. 

Originally, Gukbap is the food of quantity, so after all the plentiful amount may be the first virtue. On that point, this restaurant is said to be true to its own principles. 

In addition, Kimchi is its own secret.
Among them, Napa Cabbage Kimchi was like Geotjeori, which is Kimchi made a little while ago, and we ate two plates; one plate of the Kimchi was not enough for us. 
Usually, Gukbap and Kkakdugi (Cubed Radish Kimchi) are well-matched, but in this restaurant Napa Cabbage Kimchi went with Gukbap. 

'Sinuiju Chapssal Sundae' It is a franchised restaurant, but it gave us a good service, generous servings, and good taste of Kimchi. 
You can try the food at the food court of COEX in Samsung Dong.

Address: 159 Samsung Dong Gangnam Gu, Seoul (in COEX Mall)

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