City of Ulsan named as ‘the Best Local Authority of the Year’ at 2013 National Quality Management Convention

Slated to receive Presidential Commendation at the 39th National Quality Management Convention on November 28 

The City of Ulsan has been nominated as ‘the Best Local Authority of the Year’ and is slated to receive Presidential Commendation at 2013 National Quality Management Convention. 

The National Quality Management Convention is the quality management awards organized by Korean Agency for Technology and Standards of Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy and promoted by Korean Standards Association. This event is aimed to reward individuals, companies and local authorities that have made a contribution to the improvement of national competitiveness through outstanding management performances. 

This annual event which has been held annually since 1975 has settled as the nation’s largest quality management-related festival. 

Ulsan City has hosted National Quality Circle Competition annually since 1974 to encourage local industry to enhance competitiveness through cost reduction and improvement of productivity and spread the corporate culture of quality innovation. 

In 2012, for example, the municipal government successfully held the 38th National Quality Circle Competition. About 5,600 people from 290 teams in 17 different fields participated in the event. 

In particular, Quality Concert which was given at the opening ceremony drew great reactions and applause from the audience. 

In addition, the City of Ulsan has held an unveiling ceremony of ‘Hall of Master’ for national quality masters from prior year at Ulsan Museum. In addition, a tablet to which nameplates can be attached has been installed at Ulsan Museum to keep the masters’ efforts in records. 

In Ulsan, big companies are located evenly across the city. Since they have a hierarchical relationship with their suppliers, the conglomerates’ quality management activities have spread to their suppliers in a systematical manner. 

Last year, a time capsule in which historical industrial data of Ulsan were placed was buried under the ground, and various events were held in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Ulsan Industrial Center. 

Thanks to strenuous quality management performances, Ulsan City is slated to receive Presidential Commendation at the 39th National Quality Management Convention on November 28. 

In addition, Jeon Deok-hyeong, section manager of POONGSAN will earn Prime Minister’s Commendation while DONGHEE CO., LTD. is scheduled to receive Certificate of Superior Quality. Furthermore, shop supervisor Shim Gyu-taek at Samyang GENEX and Kwon Tae-geun technical engineer from Hyundai Motor Company are honored to be named as ‘Master of National Quality.’ 

At National Quality Circle Competition, a total of 19 quality circles including Green Circle of KOLON Industries and Circle of Hanil E-Hwa will receive Presidential Prize. 

An official from the municipal authority said, “We are going to strengthen our administrative competence to maintain our reputation as the nation’s industrial capital and for sustainable growth with a goal of achieving US 200 billion of export by 2020 through the development of high values in key industries, incubation of new growth industries and convergence of basic industries.” 

Meanwhile, the awards will be presented at the 39th National Quality Management Convention which is slated to be held at Hanbit Hall of KEPCO in Samseong-dong Seoul on November 28. At the event will attend about 1,600 people including Prime Minister Chung Hong-won and prize winners. 

Specifically, a total of 444 prizes including 47 government prizes will be presented to individuals, companies and circles. 

Park Maeng-woo, Mayor of Ulsan City, said “We are honored to receive ‘the Best Local Authority of the Year.’ As the industrial capital of Korea, Ulsan City has played a big role in national development and rapid economic development, focusing on three key industries (automobile, shipbuilding and petrochemical).” 

He added, “We will keep making our best efforts for the improvement of quality of life through the construction of eco-friendly city and realization of happy welfare city.” 

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