Gangwon Province's exports to rebound

Exports of Gangwon Province again turned to rise 
Gangwon Province announced that its exports reached $192. mil in October. 
The performance is a 4.6% increase from a year earlier. The exports in Oct last year was $184. mil. 

The total exports up to Oct. 2013 is $1,831. mil, a rise of 5.0% from the previous year of $1,744 mil.
Break-downing into items: Car parts: $36.mil, a rise of 16.5%;  medical instrument: $35. mil., a rise of 1.2%; cement:$30. mil., a rise of 8.3%; and liquors: $10. mil., a rise of 7.0%.  Most of major exports items in Gangwon Province showed an increasing trend. 
Breaking-downing into nations:China: A rise of 4.6%; Japan: A rise of 4.1%: and Russia: A rise of 3.3%

To the contrary, the UAA: A decrease of %13.6%; and Brazil: A decrease of 7.3%.  
These figures mean that despite a global economic crisis like the Japan's continual keeping of a week yen policy and China's slump, Gangwon Province's exports are largely turning for the better.
In the meantime, chief of Gangwon Global Business Corps told that: In order to keep an increasing trend of exports, the province will continue to promote  the short-& mid measures arranged by "the Emergency Meeting Among the Export-related Agencies," held in Gangwon Province's Industry & Economy  Development Institute on Oct. 28.

The province will its utmost effort to achieve its export goal of $2.2 billion via support for tailored support for export companies and hosting of the Gangwon Province's specialty products exhibitions in the U.S.A. and Japan.  

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