“HealingHub Gangwon takes a leap to the global market”

Following the Fam Tour for Russian Journalists,  in collaboration with Daeil Tour Co., Ltd, Gangwon-do Medical Tourism Support Center(chief) plans to invite approximately 30 persons involved in a travel agency and the tourism-related organizations, located in 4 provinces (Nanning, Ningbo, Fuzhou and Guangzhou) in China to take a Fam Tour for them on Nov. 17-21.

In the upcoming Fam tour, designed to publicize Gangwon Province's excellent healthcare tourism resources to introduce Yangyang Airport and reinvigorate  local economy, the invitees will look around Chuncheon Nami Island, Goseong Unification Observatory, Mountain Seollak, Yongpyong Ski Slope, and some hospitals located in the province. Besides, they are scheduled to take a look around the clean natural landscapes in Gangwon Province, the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games-based leports facilities, great resorts and medical establishments.       

Gangwon-do Medical Tourism Support Center, the host for inviting those visitors  is a non-profit foundation established by Gangwon Province Government  and carries out  its businesses for reinvigorating local economy of Gangwon Province through the healthcare industry. The businesses include development and public relations of the "HealingHub Gangwon" brand, funded by the Gangwon-do Region Business Institute under the umbrella the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, pioneering of its target markets, development of healthcare products and support for the companies, to name a few. 

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