General Strike Planned in Opposition to Privatization of KTX

Civil groups and labor unions of the Gwangju branch of Korail urged the central government to halt its movement to privatize the KTX, with unionized labor members announcing a plan to go on a general strike next Monday. 

The Gwangju Regional Citizens’ Emergency Committee to deter the central government’s plan to privatize the KTX held a press conference yesterday at the Gwangju Station and revealed their plan to oppose the government’s recent move to privatize the KTX. 

The committee added that President Park Geun-hye broke a pledge made during the presidential election to not push ahead with the privatization plan of the KTX and other national railroads. 

The committee also insisted that privatization of KTX will bring an increase in ticket fares, reduction or abolition of local railway routes, and subordination of the domestic rail lines to foreigner entities. 

Meanwhile, President Park recently made a visit to France and promised French officials to open the rail and subway markets to foreign capital. To this end, she also signed an agreement to open up the Korean rails to foreign investors on Agreement on Government Procurement and made plans to submit the agreement to the WTO.

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