Warning Issued in Gwangju for Fine Particle Pollution from China

Due in large part to air pollutants blowing from China, the fine particle concentration in late afternoon yesterday in Gwangju was estimated at over 200㎍/㎥.

Particular caution, such as avoiding outdoor activities and closing doors, will be needed on the part of local citizens if they are to avoid the harmful effects of this fine-particle pollution. 

According to the Gwangju Health and Environment Research Center, in the results of measurements of fine particle pollution in 7 parts of Gwangju, Oseong-dong in the Gwangsan-gu district marked the highest with 213㎍/㎥.

The other 6 areas also scored high concentration rates of between 99 and 199㎍/㎥, which require the issuance of a health warning.

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