MND expresses regret at overlapped ADIZ

On November 25th, MND summoned Major General Xi Jingming, Chinese defense attaché, and expressed regret at overlapped ADIZ over the East China Sea recently declared by China. 

Deputy Minister for National Defense Policy Ryu Je-seung expressed regret that ADIZ over the East China Sea declared by China was partially overlapped with KADIZ southwest of Jeju-do, and including Ieo-do as well.

Moreover, Deputy Minister Ryu notified Chinese defense attaché Xi Jingming of disapproval, saying that Korea will maintain the jurisdiction over Ieo-do and the nearby zone regardless of the ADIZ setting of China and/or Japan, and China’s ADIZ was declared unilaterally without prior consultation, so that it could not be officially recognized.

Deputy Minister Ryu continued to propose discussion of this issue at the upcoming Korea-China Defense Strategy Meeting on the 28th, saying the action of China should not be the cause of raising tensions in the region, and the Korean government would strengthen necessary efforts for improving mutual trust among countries in the region.

A MND-related official said China mentioned making an effort not to misunderstand each other, fully talking over the issue Korea brought out, and reporting it to the Chinese government, so that it could be discussed at this Korea-China Defense Strategy Meeting.

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