North Korea’s shelling of Yeonpyeong-do is clearly an act of invasion

Related to some religious organizations’ claims of supporting North Korea’s provocation, MND (Ministry of National Defense) strongly rebutted that claim on November 24th, saying North Korea’s shelling of Yeonpyeong-do was an act against humanity as well as a clear invasion.

“NLL (Northern Limit Line) is an actual maritime border that has been protected by our military force’s blood for the last 60 years. Naval gunfire exercises conducted at the southern areas of NLL are justifiable defensive training to protect the territorial waters of Korea,” emphasized MND.

MND also made it clear that North Korea’s shelling provocation could not be justifiable, saying North Korea had used our justifiable exercise as an excuse for its attack on Yeonpyeong-do perpetrated on November 23, 2010, sacrificing two sailors and innocent people.

MND also identified the nature of the issue over the Cheonan Navy Ship, which was sunk by North Korea, killing 46 sailors on March 26, 2010, as an illegal deadly attack.

With those perceptions, MND expressed concern that comment supporting North Korea’s provocation could justify its illegal behavior, demoralize not only our national security awareness but also the morale of the army, and cause a harmful effect on the will of NLL protection of the people.

In particular, MND roundly criticized the claim made by some organizations, saying “It is an inexcusable, unreasonable behavior insulting our sailors, people, and family of the deceased who died for national security.

”Prior to this, in response to North Korea’s impure conduct and speech mentioning "the Blue House in flames" on November 22nd, the northwest islands defense command gave strike warning, saying North Korea ascribed responsibilities to and threatened us mentioning a sea of fire with regard to our normal justifiable training and/or events, and if they provoked again, we would use force to punish their supporting power as well as its commanding power heartlessly with actions, not words.

Meanwhile, at the third Memorial Ceremony of the Shelling on Yeonpyeong-do, held by Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs at the War Memorial on November 23rd, Prime Minister Jung Hong-won said that the shelling of Yeonpyeong-do was the worst provocation directly committed on our territory by North Korea.

“We will protect five northwest islands, including Yeonpyeong-do, leaving nothing to be desired, and should not allow any harmful influences over our will of security,” emphasized Prime Minister Jung.

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