Manull chicken (Garlic Chicken) nearby Daerim Station - Harmony of rich and plain taste

People in Central and South America really like chicken. They eat the whole chicken leg, not two or three pieces, with bread, corn, or tortilla as convenience food.
In Guatemala, because of Campero the chicken franchise, even kentucky fried chicken (KFC) couldn't start their business in this area. 

They don't coat the chicken with flour and fry it directly in oil.
This is similar to olden Korea's chicken before fried chicken was popularized.
Anyway, after Yangnyum (seasoned) chicken became popular, fried chicken lost their popularity.

Because Yangnyum (seasoned) chicken is both spicy and sweet, many people used to eat out to enjoy this food. Or they had it delivered, especially after the 1988 Olympic Games. 

However, every flood has its ebb. 
At 1990, people began to eat roasted chicken  in a brazier, which is less oily and plain. After that, various chicken appeared: chicken with scallion, lean chicken, fried chicken with soy sauce, and so on. But these days garlic chicken is the best.

Nearby Daerim Station in line number two (green line), there is a food alley called garlic chicken. 
Although there are not many restaurants yet, but they all have their long history and tasty food.

Take exit four and go straight for 50m. Then there are some buildings on your left. Each store's size is very big; two-story stores or some use basement.
It is rather quiet, clean, and well organized place.

Next to the garlic chicken store run by originator  for 20 years, there is barbecue garlic chicken which has 30 years history.
Some store's interior is like cafe. I went to Daerim garlic chicken.

This food alley is located right next to the subway, which is good for marketing. People in the subway can look down this alley.
They serve fried chicken, fried and seasoned chicken, chicken with scallion, chicken with soy sauce, lean chicken with garlic, chicken with fruit, and grilled chicken with salt.

Price range is from 17,000 won to 18,000 won.
Side dishes were fried macaroni snack, special sauce, salted radish, a cabbage salad with ketchup and mayonnaise, and egg soup which is basic menu for Korean restaurants.

The clerk served a non-floured chicken on iron plate with sliced garlic. At first, I thought the chicken was rather small, but it was enough amount for one meal.

The balance of aromatic garlic and crispy chicken was excellent. Garlic was not spicy, rather sweet. The cabbage salad reduced oily taste.
They also served half and half menu, so you can try two taste at the same time. 
It will taste better if you drink beer with it.

If you worry about garlic breath, you can take some candies at the counter.
These days, Chinese restaurants are increasing nearby Daerim Station. I hope that these garlic chicken restaurants don't lost their popularity and become good food.

locatioin : Take subway line number two and exit four. Go straight for 50m.
Daerim garlic chicken : Guro 4-dong 73-10, Guro-gu, Seoul
Tel. 82-2-862-9233  

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