(HB4-103) Shez On - Ion Rolling Massager

Shez On - Ion Rolling Massager

A scientific solution to restore the skin’s firmness!

A groundbreaking skin care device that combines an ionized beauty solution and a vibrating massage roller! 

The tension roller gently massages the skin with a special beauty solution, restoring the skin’s youthful look and firmness.

The ionized solution enhances the vibrating roller effect!

-Tension Provider
The upper and lower bumpers, inclined 15 degrees, making sure that the roller massages and stimulates the skin very gently without irritating or harming delicate skin tissues.

-Switch and 5-Minute Safety Timer Button
You can activate and turn the device off simply by pressing the switch. The massager also automatically stops after 5 minutes of operation. The massager’s red light means power on.

-Ionizer at Point of Contact
Grab the device gently with your hand. It will automatically ionize the beauty solution contained inside together with the natural electric energy coming off your body.

-Rolling, Vibrating, and Ionizing for Firmness
The roller, designed to spread the beauty solution inside the massager evenly onto the skin, starts vibrating as soon as the beauty solution is ionized. It gently massages the skin to rejuvenate its look and health.

-Beauty Solution
The beauty solution (ampoule) is emitted from the three holes at the bottom of the roller and is ionized when the roller starts vibrating. The massage evenly spreads the solution onto the skin.


-Automatic Application of the Beauty Solution
  The roller automatically spreads and applies the beauty solution.
  The beauty solution stored at the bottom of the massager is automatically and is evenly applied to the skin when the roller starts vibrating to massage  the skin. The synchronized ionization of the beauty solution and the gentle massage optimizes the intended effect.

  Maximum skin care benefit ensured by the iontophoresis technology!
  The natural skin membrane serves to protect the skin and the human body it surrounds against external dirt and pollutants. The iontophoresis technology enhances this natural function of the skin membrane by ionizing the beauty solution. You can test for yourself what wonders this technology produces by testing the massager on your skin.

- Firming Massage
  Optimizing the massage effect with the cushioned head and the vibrating roller!
  The rolling massager head on both sides by bumpers is inclined 15 degrees, which gently massages and stimulates the skin to restore its natural firmness and youthfulness.
The automatic vibration function is designed to provide the optimal level of stimulation to the skin.

1) Press the switch for 2 seconds or so to turn the device on.
2) When the device is turned on, its LED will beam in red, indicating that it is ready for use.
3) The device is turned on for 5 minutes. The safety timer will automatically turn it off.
4) The device will emit beeping sounds before it is turned off.

1) Press the pump button, and the beauty solution will begin to come out through the roller head.
2) While the device is still on, gently grab the front part of the device with your fingers.
3) Gently move the roller head across your face (as shown in the arrowed directions shown in the photograph) to massage your skin with the ionized beauty solution and vibration.

Size 130 x 40 x 30
Weight  50 g
Power  3 V(Two alkaline AAA battery cells)
Lasts up to 3 months with each replacement when used in normal conditions.

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