Upgraded Cry Cheese Burger with French Fries

It is difficult to make good food because people have fastidious tastes.
So it is hard for restaurants to be well received by random customers.
Sometimes people disappointed that restaurants which their acquaintance introduced were not good as they expected.
Reason is simple; people have various tastes.

Especially, for food which you have to pay costs, people's likes and dislikes are clear. Some say "I will never visit this store again", or "I lost my appetite".
Therefore, it is really hard for restaurants to success; in reality, 80~90% of founders of the restaurants fail.

Half of famous restaurants have a long tradition and half of them just start their business. Even though some shops seem to be on the fast track at first, but  actually they are not. Because most famous restaurants are exaggerated. 

Most people usually want to go to a new place, so they can be deceived by false information. Famous restaurants don't make same food; they are trying to change even their small parts.

This is because customers who have visited one shop can feel differently when they revisit there. If they are served exactly the same food whenever they visit, they don't want to go there again.
In that regard, this Cry Cheese Burger nearby Bucheon University can be thought as a fresh restaurant.

My daughter introduced this store to me by sending a text, which said, "there is a great burger barn which is so similar to in-n-out burger!"
Because my family has missed its burger, we visited there without hesitation. Animal cheese potato and a burger with chili peppers made us shout for joy.

After that, my family has revisited there several times. My daughter kept on posting about this store and did enjoy it as it is a store run by family.
But I worried about its popularity because usually burger doesn't have many things to be changed.

But the young and passionate owner provided fresh french fries in contrast with other burger shops which use frozen potatoes. 

I think this is a really good choice for success because people more like fresh ingredients rather than frozen ones.

People wait in line to eat this fresh fried potato in this stagnation. You should put your name on the waiting list and wait your turn. If you are not there when your name is called, the opportunity to order will be passed to the next person, so stay close to the shop. If you want to order takeout, you should visit here in person. No telephone order.

Thanks to fresh potato, not frozen one, french fries here is really light, clean and less oily.
There is a sign; No MSG, No Frozen food and No Microwave. And "If we use frozen food, I will be a frozen man." Very funny.

There was a long line of people at this store, which made others look at.
There is a saying that if a factory doesn't stop, they will succeed and if a store has a long line, they will succeed, too.
So we can say that this restaurant is a big hit.

However, they have to give a challenge other than fresh potato.
They have to check quality of tomatoes, lettuce, and make the employees show their power of unity. Also, make customers feel satisfaction.
If not, this can be only short-term success. But the young owner will hack it out. I'm really looking forward to it.

He sent a message to me; "Thanks for your concerns. I do remember the very first time you visited. :) I will do my best. Watch me with attention."

Location :  Simgok-dong 407-2, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Phone : 032-611-6244 

More photo and map.


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