Discussion on the UNITWIN Projects with P. Paudel, former Minister of MIC, Nepal

President Chang is shaking hands with former Minister, Madhab P. Paudel.

The President of HGU and Madhab P. Paudel, former Minister of the Ministry of Information and Communication, Nepal had a discussion on cooperative measures regarding Nepal University and the UNITWIN Projects. Madhab P. Paudel visited HGU for five days from November 24 to 28.

On November 24, former Minister had a courtesy call with President Soon-heung Chang. Through this meeting, they discussed exchanges and cooperative measures between the two schools and shared opinions on joint educational courses as part of the UNITWIN projects. In the meeting, the former Minister showed great interest in academic exchange with Nepal and unveiled that such exchanges will be expanded.

On November 25, the former Minister presented a special lecture regarding the Nepalese law system and opportunities for foreign investment in Nepal to the students of HGU. He visited the birthplace of the Pohang Saemaul Movement and the Hyundai Automobile and the Hyundai Heavy Industry in Ulsan. In his special lecture, he said, “The legal system in Nepal is based on traditional regulations and has been developing along with the global trends. Nepal is very friendly to foreign investments. In particular, finances, education, and the energy fields are very promising fields in the future of Nepal.

As part of the UNITWIN projects, starting this year, HGU has been operating graduate courses for Business Administration with Tribhuvan University of Nepal. In this course, many professors are joining including Professors: Kisun Yoo, Hyunmo Seung, Kookwon Lee, Byungduck Kang, and Su Young Jang of POSETEC Univ. The course consists of four semesters which enhances insights, analytical skills, and problem-solving capacity in order to lead organizations into the international business environment by nurturing global leaders.

Madhab P. Paudel has served as the Undersecretary of the Nepal Prime Minister’s Office, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, and the Minister of Educational Information and Communication. Now he is serving as a law advisor, and writing articles to foreign journals regarding the law system, national public management improvements and the election system.

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