Two HGU Students Passed This Year’s Bar Exam

‘The time you feel bothered is the time to take action. People have a tendency to postpone difficult and troublesome things. However, if we breakthrough the difficulties and obstacles in front of us, we will have confidence and courage. The first step to change the world is to change our own values.’ This is what Raehun Lee tried to impress upon the juniors who were preparing for the bar exam, various other exams, employment, and graduate school entrance.

In 2014, two HGU students passed the 56th Bar Exam. The heroes are Raehoon Lee and Hanjin Yoon who graduated from the School of Law at HGU.

HGU was established in 1995 and 12 students from HGU passed the Bar Exam. In 2007, 4 students passed; in 2008, one student passed; in 2010, 3 students passed; and in 2013, 2 students passed the exam. These are great achievements when we consider that HGU has 19 years of history as a small-scale private university.

Raehoon Lee said, “As a citizen of Korea, we have calling for ‘healthy reunification’. I believe that one of the tools to achieve this goal is law. My dream is to be a lawyer who facilitates reunification of Korea. I am interested in constructive reunification and I would like to contribute to the revision of the law and legislation to restore trust in governmental authority. I also hope to enhance each citizen’s law abiding spirit.”

Student Hanjin Yoon said, “ As a lawyer, I would like to provide fundamental treatment for youth who have committed crimes through alternative families. I would like to contribute to lowering the second conviction of these youth who have committed a crime and to terminate the mechanism leading them into adult crime.

Professor Kookun Lee said, “This result shows our students’ strong efforts to do their best even in a less than ideal learning environment located in local city. When we consider the numbers of American lawyers are growing, the HGU graduates will add to the network to take and innovative role in South East Asia.

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