The Capacity Building Conference for SMEs in Cambodia

Distinguished guests and presenters are taking a photo including Ambassador Hansu Kim.

On November 14 HGU and the National Bank of Cambodia co-hosted the ‘UNESCO UNITWIN Conference for Comprehensive and Sustainable Development- Supplying Funds and Enhancing the Management Capacity of SMEs with the support of the Ministry of Education, at Phnom Penh Hotel.

In Cambodia, 196 officials attended from the National Bank of Cambodia, the Federation of Accommodations for SMEs of Cambodia, the Cambodian Micro-finance Association, the Cambodian Agricultural Research and Development Institute, and the Cambodian Economic Association. This shows the national interest toward the activation of SMEs.

In addition, Ambassador Hansu Kim, Dr. Jungdae Shu, Dr. Yeochurl Choi, Prof. Doosung Choi, Prof. Jefry Lee, and Prof. Kihong Kim participated as presenters.

Ambassador Hansu Kim said this in his congratulatory speech, “This event will serve as an opportunity to bring cooperation and development to the two countries. I hope that SMEs will prosper and contribute to bilateral economic development.

The National Bank of Cambodia’s Deputy Governor, Neav Chanthana said in her congratulatory speech, “SMEs spur job creation, securing low income families’ income and revitalize the private sector. SMEs are very important to social and economic development in Cambodia.”

This conference was divided into two themes: strengthening the capacity for comprehensive and sustainable SMEs, and gaining financial support for the growth of SMEs. Professor Dosung Choi presided over this conference and each of the six presenters held a discussion after each session.

Dr. Jungdae Shu who was the presenter of the first session, said “In order to revitalize SMEs in Cambodia’s economy, proper government policies and effective supporting programs are required. Each institution’s cooperation is essential.”

Tut Teheng Pore, President of the Federation of Accommodations for SMEs of Cambodia said, “Financial support for SMEs in Cambodia is limited and weak but we recognize the importance of SMEs. This conference is very timely since our country is trying to resolve these problems.”

HGU was designated as the host university of the UNITWIN program by UNESCO and now operates international entrepreneurship training courses, comprehensive local community development projects, green appropriate technology projects, open educational resources with Open Course Ware projects, and joint educational courses.

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