Tong kun Tong galbi -‘Generous Rib’ in Front of Hongik University Providing 200g with 5000 Won

There is a variety of delicious food around Hong dae (Hongik University). 
Flavor is not only important, but price is also important because there is a school nearby. 
In the long recession like this moment, a competitive price becomes one of the important factors for poor students and the middle class.  

In that respect, Tong kun Tong galbi -‘Generous Rib’ in front of Hongik University is so attractive. 
Five thousand won per a portion (200g) is good for students as well as foreigners in Korea who are the main readers of Craving Korea. 
Is there any reason to hesitate if the flavor of the dishes is also good? 

Take exit 7 of Hongik University Station on Seoul Subway Line No. 2(Green Line) or Gyungui Line, and you can encounter the point that starts Hongik University Street. 
The fifth restaurant on this street is ‘Generous Rib’ that will be introduced today. 
The restaurant’s name says the concept of this restaurant, which is generous. 

One portion of pork ribs - 200g - is 5,000 won that is not usual, but it is possible around Hongik University. 
It shows there are various types of food with cheap prices around Hongik University.
Along the street, there are a lot of restaurants for grilling beef/pork along this street. 

The main customers are the students at an age when eating a lot, so it is certain that there are lots of restaurants for roasting meat around this place. 
However, for dating, people may be reluctant to visit this kind of restaurants because of the smell of roasting meat. 
Of course, there would be no problem if both love meat…


I had company and ordered 5 portions first. 
Nine pieces of big seasoned pork were served. 
One portion was the amount less than two pieces and we thought servings were generous even before trying it. 

Geotjeori (Fresh Vegetable Salad) Bae chu (Napa Cabbage) Kimchi, the Yangpa buchu muchim (Mixture of Onions and Leeeks Seasoned with Condiments), and Garlic were served as the side dishes.
Garlic can be served more as you want. 
If the price of garlic were expensive, you could not have a refill. However, this year we have a good harvest, you can get as many refills as you want. 
Allicin in garlic is good for our health as we know. This time you can bake garlic, if you hesitated to eat garlic because of its spicy flavor. 

The steak pan made of wire mesh was brought, and we put seasoned pork on the brazier with the stovepipe. 
The smoke slightly came out, but we felt cool because we opened the exterior tent and the wind came from the outside.
These days, we suffer from an electric power shortage; I think it would be not bad to turn off the air conditioner and roast meat. 

We put garlic with the meat on the edge of the pan. 
Garlic is easy to burn out, so it must be burned with a low heat on the edge. 
The restaurant might be rumored to serve their dishes with a cheap price, so there were students, families who live near the restaurant and also some middle-aged men with their friends. 

I realized the secret of ‘Generous Rib’ by seeing the menu. 
The pork was from the U.S., Germany, and Spain, not the domestic one. 
If you do not want the imported meat, you should not to eat it. 

Sometimes there are some problems in the imported meat, but a good price is the strong merit in the market economy. 
I will not cover the imported meat in this article, but I think the imported meat may have merits if the meat has a high quality at a reasonable price. 
Anyway, the secret of ‘Generous Rib’ is the imported meat. 

At the time the garlic on the edge was almost done, the pork on the middle was entirely done. The demerit of grilling is that people cannot talk to each other while roasting and eating meat. 
If we concentrate on talking, the meat will be burned off rapidly. On the other hand, if we concentrate on eating meat, we must be engrossed in roasting meat and stop talking… 

One portion may be not enough for a person, and I think two portions may make you full. 
Only ten thousand won should be paid for two portions.
In addition, we ate two plates of healthy garlic. I think it will be enough for your dinner or a get-together if you eat one bowl of Gon gi bap (rice) and Doenjang(Bean Paste) Stew. 

The price went up, and then roasting meat becomes not usual. However, in ‘Generous Rib’ in front of Hongik University, two people can take hearty meal with twenty thousand to thirty thousand won. 
The sweet-seasoned pork roasted with grilling will rapidly disappear and you must change the pan soon. 
If you have a chance to visit the street, it will make you happy that you try the smell of burning charcoal and sweet flavored pork in ‘Generous Rib.

Address: 170-17 Donggyo-dong Mapo-gu, Seoul (New Address: 151 Eoulmadang-ro Mapo-gu, Seoul / Tel.: 02-3142-4166)

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