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Korean 3 Style Instant Delicious Bibimbab & Rabab

Kim-sangsa Gochujang Bibimbab, Grarlic Bulgoki Bibimbab, Spicy Seafood Champong Rabab

By freeze-drying method can pour only hot water served on the fly anytime, anywhere.

It can be very easy to enjoy hiking, fishing, leisure travel.
Deliciously spicy broth Champong not salty, seafood and plain blend well.

Using the superior taste of hot pepper sauce, The product is very luxurious with a blend of delicious fresh vegetables. Using a OTTOGI washed rice Marketed, Use only the Korean domestic rice. Clean taste, Use only cooked ingredients seemed very reliable. Made even more delicious.

Appropriate combination of fresh vegetables and roast garlic sauce.

The good taste and the nutritional well-being bulgoki bibimbap unique. 

Harmony of flavor and plain spicy seafood soup broth Champong. 

Very useful for kids snack, picnic food.

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(HB4-101) Dr.cooler - Portable Refrigeration Face Massage Cooler

Do you still leave the spoon in the freezer to be frozen? It is daily necessaries to the smart !
"Refrigeration Massage Cooler, "Cool yourself with Dr. COOLER!
This device calms swollen, irritated skin after peeling or after laser dermatology procedures or plastic surgery. It helps tighten pores and increase skin elasticity.

A refreshing, new cooling concept massager, it comes with a reusable capsule and is specially designed to maintain long lasting low temperatures to cool skin. 

Dr. Cooler has a convenient and handy design. 
With superior technology to stabilize temperatures at a constant low, Dr. Cooler ensures that temperatures are kept at a minimum.

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(HB4-102) 4D Beauty Motion - Vibrating Face Care Cleansing Appliance

From make-up to Cleansing
Can use Both Make-up and Cleansing with one applianc.
Hot Item on beauty industry this year in Korea.
Produced OEM this appliance for Coreana, Missh.
Deep Cleansing by superfine fiber brush and 4-Direction sonic wave vibration (Patent Technology)
Motion Foundation making the effectiveness of professional make-up by 4-Direction sonic wave vibration

Deep-Cleansing using  4 Direction (right-left rotation, up-down vibration) 
Motion Foundation like the work of pro-make-up artist
Possibility of using during shower by waterproof function
Brush using Micro-fine fiber(0.009mm) - Dual Brush
Safety Clinical Test (certified by relevant government)

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(HB4-103) Shez On - Ion Rolling Massager

A scientific solution to restore the skin’s firmness!

A groundbreaking skin care device that combines an ionized beauty solution and a vibrating massage roller! 
The tension roller gently massages the skin with a special beauty solution, restoring the skin’s youthful look and firmness.
The ionized solution enhances the vibrating roller effect!


-Tension Provider
The upper and lower bumpers, inclined 15 degrees, making sure that the roller massages and stimulates the skin very gently without irritating or harming delicate skin tissues.

-Switch and 5-Minute Safety Timer Button

You can activate and turn the device off simply by pressing the switch. The massager also automatically stops after 5 minutes of operation. The massager’s red light means power on.

-Ionizer at Point of Contact

Grab the device gently with your hand. It will automatically ionize the beauty solution contained inside together with the natural electric energy coming off your body.

-Rolling, Vibrating, and Ionizing for Firmness

The roller, designed to spread the beauty solution inside the massager evenly onto the skin, starts vibrating as soon as the beauty solution is ionized. It gently massages the skin to rejuvenate its look and health.

-Beauty Solution

The beauty solution (ampoule) is emitted from the three holes at the bottom of the roller and is ionized when the roller starts vibrating. The massage evenly spreads the solution onto the skin.
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(HC2-101) LIPO LAB -Lipolysis drugs

The powerful energy cell PPC HCM Program

H Program : Equipment  for  penetration

    phosphatidylcholine (H) 10,000mg / ml
C Program : Manage care 
    phosphatidylcholine (C) 1,00010,000mg / ml
M Program : RF. Techniques for Hand
    phosphatidylcholine (M) 2,00010,000mg / ml

V/S Line Lineament Re-modeling Minimize Program

10 Times Manage (5 Weeks Program) :  Twice per Week Manage
LIPO PPC Line management can not be mixed with other products.
LIPO PPC management products should be up to the effects of the Best of Destination.

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(HC2-102) DOROTHY - Female Cleaners

Loved women's uterus should be managed.

Female cleaner Dorothy 
God sent gift - Dorothy

A woman's womb are a second Heart.
Sphincter tissue of a woman's vagina is composed of 60,000 folds.
Sphincter genus exist numerous blood vessels.
Meet the arteries flowed back and forth of the body.
There are many remnants of the human body from the accumulated damp and shady.

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The best skin regeneration eco-friendly ingredients are present in our body human stem cells, stem cell culture nutrients (HASC: Human Adipose Stem Cell).
Stem cell number drop, that the aging of skin cells begins.
Skin stem cells to replenish nutrients that prevent aging of the skin stem cell culture 500 million .
Human stem cell culture is not the usual cosmetic but the 'Skin Science crystals' for you.
Fat stem cells Culture effective Cells and tissues anti-agin, fine wound healing, skin rejuvenation, whitening, wrinkle removal as Super Anti-aging.
The world's first new fourth-generation method and the same structure of skin cell membranes liposome, known by Osmocell liposome method applied to the maximizes skin safety and absorption. 
After penetration of the skin by osmosis, stem cell culture ingredients to move out skin.
This way, inside and outside the cells of the skin cells to maintain optimum active.
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(HC3-102) HOT LINE - Moose Type CO2 Carboxy

Moose Type CO2 carboxy first developed
The metabolism active promote Diet

Applied to the desired area like Moose
The effect of aerobic exercise, oxygen flows

The principle of Co2 
Carbon dioxide is used as a medical treatment effect of a strong vasodilating action. Carbon dioxide is very soluble in water which absorbs carbon dioxide to expand the blood vessel gently. Increases the blood flow to the skin and muscle tissue. transdermally absorbed Carbon dioxide make increasing the oxygen hence also pumping capacity as well as vasodilating known by Bohr effect.
Activate cell metabolism within the organization by giving stagnant waste products and excess water was removed. 
Increases the elasticity of the skin tone and a clear improvement in stretch marks. 
In addition, the fine skin tissue by increasing blood circulation to naturally promote fat metabolism and gives decomposition.

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