Four River Project Worsened Water Quality of Yeongsan River

Water quality of Yeongsan River has reportedly worsened due to the Four River Project.

The Four River Project Investigation and Evaluation Committee held a press conference yesterday and released its research data on the overall worsening of water quality of the four rivers across the country.

Among them, Yeongsan River, which flows through Gwangju, Damyang, Naju and Yeongam, as well as Muan, saw its water quality worsened since the Four River Project began and marked a high concentration rate of plankton and algae.

In addition, 6 out of the 9 newly built reservoirs were found to have cracks and suffer from erosion as a result of the Four River Project.

To make matters worse, the investigation and evaluation committee announced that the large-scale construction of reservoirs for Four River Project ended up destroying ecological systems in the river as major changes in the types of fish and ecological life underwater was detected.

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