30-day extraordinary session sets off

The National Assembly began the 316th plenary session on June 3. The extraordinary session will last for 30 days until July 2, in which legislative bills including those regarding “economic democratization” are expected to be dealt with, as well as investigation of state administration on public health care. 

In the first plenary meeting on June 3, the members elected Rep. Choi Kyunghwan (SP) to the chairperson of the House Steering Committee, Rep. Lee Koon Hyon (SP) to the chairperson of the Special Committee on Budget and Accounts, and Rep. Chang Yoon Seok (SP) to the chairperson of the Special Committee on Ethics. They also determined the duration and agenda for the session, and issued calls for Prime Minister and state ministers to attend the session. 

On June 4 and 5, Floor Leaders Choi Kyunghwan (SP) and Kim Han Gil (DP) will deliver speeches on state affairs respectively. Interpellations are scheduled on June 10 (on politics), June 11 (on foreign affairs, unification and security), June 12 (on economy) and June 13 (on education, society and culture). 

Leaderships of the ruling Saenuri Party and the main opposition Democratic Party have reached an agreement earlier to pass legislative bills on economic democratization and political reinvention in the 316th session. However, actual passage of the bills does not seem easy as the parties show different views in details.

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