“Hope Delivery Cart” for the Lower Income Bracket in Gwangju

The welcoming ceremony for the ‘Hope Delivery Cart’ and the ceremonial sharing event took place yesterday sponsored by the Department Store and Gwangju Shinsegye.

The ‘Hope Delivery Cart’ is a newly established welfare program that visits socio-economically disadvantaged households within the region and offer them various kinds of daily necessities.

The Shinsegye Department Store and Gwangju Shinsegye have announced that they plan to run a one ton scale refrigerator truck for the Hope Delivery program 8 to 10 times every month.

According to the Gwangju Shinsegye, 4800 households in the Gwangju region can benefit from the Hope Delivery program each year.

The Shinsegye Department Store and the Gwangju Shinsegye plan to select the lower income bracket for each district in assistance with the city of Gwangju and support them with an annual investment of 30 million won.

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