Mayor of Gwangju Insists Democracy Hall of Korea to be Established in Gwangju

Mayor of Gwangju, Gang Woon-tae visited the Korean Democracy Foundation in Seoul yesterday and insisted that Democracy Hall of Korea should be established in Gwangju during the meeting with its chairman Jeong Seong-hun. 

Mayor Gang emphasised that Gwangju is an international city of democracy and human rights which the UN has attested to when it recently designated May 18threlated records to the list of the UNESCO’s World Heritage.

He also asked for the full support from the attendees, mentioning that the Gwangju`s Prison, one of the historical sites for the May 18th has been selected as an expected site for Democracy Hall.

During his visit in Gwangju, the Mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon stated that he would give way in the matter of establishing Democracy hall in Gwangju if the two cities have to compete for the bid.

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