Filming for the May 18th Independence Film to Begin

Production of the May 18th Democratic Movement-themed Indie Film has begun with the help of citizens of Gwangju.

A full-length indie film, ‘Gaping Wounds and Sealed Lips’ directed by a local cultural contents group, ‘Itda-teuda’ and director Baek Jong-lok will feature participation of 30 Gwangju-based actors and actresses.

Partially crowd-funded film with the financial contribution of citizens, filming work of the ‘Gaping Wounds and Sealed Lips’ will begin as early as next month with a total production cost at 20 million won.

The film is based on the play put on the stage by Gwangju-based theatre group, ‘Tobak-e’ in 1994 in which its story line centers around a group of theatre members working on a May 18th-themed play and their conflicts as each member reveals their own wound from the massacre.

A preview of the film is scheduled in mid-October in Gwangju.

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