June 15th Gwangju Branch Calls for Talks between South and North Korea

The Gwangju and Jeonnam Branch for the political action group, the ‘June 15th Joint Declaration’, held a press conference yesterday and insisted that the Park Gun-hye’s administration step up talks with North Korea in accordance with the July 4th Joint Statement.

July 4th marks the forty first anniversary of the agreement on the three principles of Independence, Peace and Unification between North and South Korea.

The group noted that hope for the July 4th Joint Statement has kept alive by the subsequent Joint Declarations between the two Koreas on June 15th, in 2000 when then-President Kim Dae-jung met with then-North Korean leader Kim Jung-il.

In addition, October 4th Declaration is as a result of a summit in 2007 in which the North Korean leader had with then-President Noh Mu-hyun.

The June 15th group welcomed the news that the two Koreas agreed in principle on talks to reopen the Gaeseong Industrial Complex and called for the Seoul government to continue to pursue talks with North Korea.

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