Minister Phang Ha-nam convenes 36th session of Employment Policy Council

Employment and Labor Minister Phang Ha-nam convened the 36th session of the Employment Policy Council at the Seoul Plaza Hotel on June 28th.
Participants: 28 people including the Minister of Employment and Labor (chair), relevant Vice Ministers, workers' and employers' representatives and employment experts
The main contents of the Roadmap to Achieve 70% Employment Rate, announced on June 4th, were reported and follow-up measures to implement the Roadmap were discussed during the session.

The Council also determined policy tasks that will be subject to the 2013 employment impact assessment with regard to achieving an employment rate of 70%.
Employment impact assessment: a system of analyzing and evaluating the impacts on job creation and employment quality of major policies and projects implemented by central government agencies and local governments to help them pursue employment-friendly policies (Article 13 of the Framework Act on Employment Policy)

From a task pool, a total of 15 tasks were selected for the 2013 employment impact assessment after demand surveys, expert meetings and consultation with relevant government agencies.

The task pool consists of a total of 240 tasks - 57 policy tasks in the Roadmap to Achieve 70% Employment Rate, 140 tasks in the national agenda, 20 tasks requested by central government agencies and local governments and 23 projects subject to the preliminary feasibility study in the second half of 2012.

A report was also made on the results of the 2012 employment impact assessment in which the employment effects of five policy tasks pursued by four government agencies, including the long-term care insurance for the elderly and the project to spread flexible work arrangements, were evaluated.

Among the five policy tasks, two were about support for promising industries and three about welfare and culture. The employment impact assessment estimated the exact employment effects of the projects covered by the national budget, and predicted the specific effects of flexible work arrangements, etc., on the quantity and quality of employment.

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