ROK Navy Vessel Open to Public in Commemoration of the Battle of Korea Strait

ROK Navy vessel open to public in commemoration of the Battle of Korea StraitAegis-class destroyer and ROKS Dokdo conduct naval pass and review and fires demonstration

The ROK Navy Fleet Command held an open ship and navigation experience event at the Busan naval operations command on 22 June, four days prior to the 63rd anniversary of the Battle of Korea Strait. 

This event was prepared to inherit the spirit of sacrifice of the fallen heroes who died protecting the homeland, and to enhance the spirit of patriotism.
The open ship event took place onboard the ROKS Seoae Yu Seong-ryong, a 7,600 ton aegis-class destroyer, and the ROKS Gwangyang, a 3,000 ton class rescue and salvation ship.

Citizens who participated in the 'Open Ship and Navigation Experience Event Commemorating the 63rd Anniversary of the Battle of Korea Strait', which was held at sea off of Busan on 22 June by the ROK Navy Fleet Command, observe a naval pass and review onboard the amphibious assault ship, the ROKS Dokdo. 
The Navy Fleet Command provided a wide variety of events such as a disciplined and dynamic honor guard demonstration, a photo zone, trying out military uniforms, and a photo exhibition for the citizens who visited these ships.

The navigation experience was provided by the ROKS Dokdo, a 14,000 ton class amphibious assault ship. Citizens onboard the ROKS Dokdo navigated the waters off the coast of Busan and observed a naval pass and review and fires demonstration.

On the same day, the Navy Fleet Command held a bazaar to wish the success of the movie 'NLL Yeonpyeong Sea Battle' which deals with the heroic efforts of the naval warriors who fought in the 2nd Yeonpyeong Sea Battle. The bazaar, which was carried out with the citizens of Busan, was a success in terms of commemorating the noble spirit of sacrifice of the fallen heroes and enhancing the security awareness of the public. 

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