Vice Defense Minister Baek, Seung Joo inspects the Northwest Islands military readiness posture

Vice Defense Minister Baek, Seung Joo receives a Northwest Islands military readiness posture status briefing at a frontline observation post (OP) during his visit to the Marine Corps 6th Brigade on 24 June.

Vice Minister Baek visited sites where counter-battery radars and Spike missiles are located as well as a K-9 artillery company, and commended the efforts of the marines in executing the mission of defending the homeland.

Vice Minister Baek emphasized, "Commanders must maintain key systems so that essential equipment are 100% operational, and need to do their best in striving to acquire and reflect the budget required to maintain such readiness." 

Also, regarding the issue of improving the service conditions such as acquiring child care facilities within units, Vice Ministe Baek stated, "In order to enhance the morale and welfare of the service members, welfare facilities tailored to the size of each unit are required. Construction of these facilities need to be pursued based on a concept that civilians, the government, and the military can use together."

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