Will to immediately punish enemy provocations enhanced

Army 65th Division conducts shell firing training exercise in remembrance of the Korean War

The Army 65th Division's artillery regiment recently conducted a 105mm and 155mm towed artillery shell firing training exercise in remembrance of the Korean War at the artillery range near the Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi Province area.

A 105mm shell from a towed howitzer fired by soldiers during a shell firing training exercise conducted by the Army 65th Division in remembrance of the Korean War flies towards the target. 
This training exercise was conducted to commemorate the patriotic spirit of the late Lieutenant Colonel Kim, Poong Ik, who made the ultimate sacrifice after destroying the enemy's tanks with 105mm field guns at the Battle of Uijeongbu which took place in the 65th division's area of responsibility during the Korean War, and to enhance the will to punish enemy provocations.

The soldiers conducted the training exercise firing dozens of shells as if they were in real battle, and accurately hit the targets according to the issued coordinates.
A division official stated, "Through this training exercise, the soldiers ruminated on their will to win at any cost if the enemy carried out a provocation. Also, they enhanced their resolve to protect the Republic of Korea which the senior warriors defended with their blood."

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