Secretariat pledges support for standing committee meetings in Sejong city

The National Assembly Secretariat is planning to build new systems to support parliament-government meetings. The Secretariat has already opened a smart work center at the main building of the National Assembly for official visitors from the government agencies as the government complex had moved from Gwacheon to Sejong city. 

For meetings between the National Assembly’s standing committees in Yeouido and government ministries in Sejong city, it plans to set up and test run a video conference system before the regular session in September, and depending on the outcome of the test operation, it will provide the system for every standing committee to use it from 2014. 

In addition, it seeks to form conference rooms for standing committee meetings in the government complex in a bid to raise the efficiency of parliament-government works. For this, the Secretariat has sent a team to the government complex to inspect the buildings, and will continue to consult with the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Security and Public Administration over ways to address inconveniences occurring from moving the government agencies to Sejong city. 

“With the government complex moved to Sejong city, many government officials have to spend much of their time on the road when they visit the National Assembly. Under the circumstance, the National Assembly Secretariat will put in place effective measures such as the video conference system and conference rooms in order to minimize the inconveniences and reduce related expenses,” said Secretary-General Chung Jin-suk.

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