Secretary-General invites Korean War veterans

Secretary-General Chung Jin-suk hosted a luncheon for the participants of the ninth general assembly of the International Federation of Korean War Veterans Associations (IFKWVA) on June 24 at Sarangjae in the National Assembly. During the luncheon, SG Chung expressed his gratitude and respect to these UN veterans, and promised to pass down the story of their sacrifice and contribution that laid the foundation for the growth of Korea to next generations. 

The luncheon was arranged in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the cease-fire of the Korean War. The attendees were SG Chung, Deputy SG Lee Byeong-gil for Administrative Affairs, 38 representatives of the IFKWVA and their spouses, and 6 members of the Korean Veterans Association. 

The IFKWVA was founded in 1978 under the mission of enhancing the honor of the Korean War veterans and keeping peace in the Korean peninsula. Currently, veteran’s associations of the 22 countries that participated in the Korean War belong to it. The ninth general assembly was held from June 22 to 27 in Seoul.

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