“Sports lay solid ground for human prosperity and peace,” Speaker says

Speaker Kang Chang-hee attended the 2013 International Sports Relations (ISR) Forum, hosted by the ISR Foundation (headed by Rep. Moon Dae Sung, National Assembly and IOC member) under the theme “Sports Relations in East Asia,” on June 22. In his congratulatory remarks, he said, “East Asia has emerged as the center of the world in almost every field. When we further achieve mutual relations and cooperation in sports, we will be able to bring about a higher level of shared prosperity and peace, which will in turn lay the groundwork for world peace.” 

He also stated that sports are equivalent to peace in that they do not discriminate on ideology or race, and can change the world into a more beautiful place and make a great contribution to humankind. “I am expecting that the upcoming Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games will be a great channel of conveying our messages to every corner of the world,” he added. 

The forum was held for two days, Jun 21 and 22, at Members’ Office Building in the National Assembly, and attended by over 160 participants including Vice Presidents of the IOC Ser Miang Ng and Thomas Bach.

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