‘Sankkomjangeo Buljogaegui’ for Delicious Clam Platters

Delicious clams should be dug out from the sea and be roasted.
If you set up a tent near the region in which there are lots of clams, you can try the best clams that are shortly caught and roasted.
However, there is a flaw when eating the clams - sand in clams.
If you try the clams right after catching them, you can eat sand in the clams and feel very bitter.

The clams rinsed thoroughly, however, has an interesting chewy texture. You can enjoy them by pulling out and eating them, along with the sound of roasting the clams.
On the other hand, roasting something on the stovetop may be quite cumbersome.
You should prepare a brazier as well as charcoal or briquette fire. Also, you should clean up the mess after eating them.

The burden is not that bigger than the joy of eating clams, but it would be better for you to visit the grilled clam restaurant if you quietly eat clams with your family.
The one thing you should take care of is the shellfish-toxin.
The shellfish-toxin that appears near the South Sea from April to May is found in oysters or scallops and has a lethal dose of poison. Therefore, you should avoid eating clams directly caught in spring because the toxin in the clams is not removed even by boiling or freezing them.
However, you do not need to worry about the clams sold by markets or marts because toxicity on the clams is checked at an early stage of production.

A clam is one of the oldest ingredients people have eaten.
In history books, Paechong - a shell mound - has the worth in respect of archaeology. Based on it, we can infer the life of the people in that period and the history.
The shells have acted as the capsules, and preserve the entire ancient ruins in the shell mound.

Today, we visited a grilled clam restaurant.
There were less grilled clam restaurants than expected.
The restaurant we visited mainly serves clams and sea eels.
When we had seats, seasoned bean sprouts, bean sprout soup, and red chili-pepper paste with vinegar were served.

After that, pupas, acorn jellied food, and gastropods were served.
Pupas are a kind of nostalgic food, but unexpectedly they are popular among young people.
On the other hand, acorn jellied food is healthy food, but young people may not like it.

A brazier including charcoal and briquette fire was put in the middle of the table; the tongs and the cotton work gloves were served in order to protect our hands against today’s battle with clams.

Cotton work gloves are especially necessities for roasting clams.
If you are not careful, your hand may get burned and you lose your appetite.

The baking sheet was put and then short-necked clams were put on the sheet.
The short-necked clams looked plump and the clam meat looked delicious. The clams were cooked in 10 minutes while opening their mouths.
We pulled out the clam meat salted by the sea water and try it with red chili-pepper paste with vinegar.

I loved the salty taste and the chewy texture.
The clams were rinsed thoroughly, so we had no problem with eating them.
We had ordered the clam platter, so we expected the following dish. However, we were satisfied enough with the short-necked clams because they were so delicious.

The following dishes were pen shells, scallops, and large clams.
Pen shells are famous for their adductor muscles. For that reason, over half of the ingredients cut in advance were their adductor muscles.
Another iron plate was put on the baking sheet, and then the adductor muscles of the pen shells and the meat of the large clams were put on it.

Scallops look nice and you can enjoy its cooking process.
The iron plate was become heated shortly; the pen shells and the large clams were boiled.
When they were half-cooked, and then you can pour the sauce with hot peppers on them.
It was time for dinner and the menu was the roasted clams; we need alcoholic beverage. In addition, the menu was usually eaten as an appetizer with drinks and was seasoned with hot sauce.

The scallops cooked for some time may pop up.
The sea water in them may be heated, so you should be careful.
Before it pops up, you can separate the scallops from the shells.

When the clams are seasoned enough and 1 or 2 minutes later, you can eat the clams.
Separate, cut, and put the scallops on the iron plate. Then, cook them with other ingredients.
Finally, that is the roasted clam on the iron plate.

The dish was a little bit spicy, but the chewy texture of adductor muscles, the gooey large clams, and the salty taste of the scallops were well-harmonized.
The shellfish platter needs two iron plates.
After eating short-necked clams to freshen breath, you can throw a dinner with pen shells, large clams, and scallops.

We ordered noodles and rice to have dinner.
One bowl of Doenjang Jjigae(a stew made with fermented soy bean paste) is added to a bowl of rice, and you should pay just 1,000 won more for that.
Unless we did not have a bowl of rice, we might regret it.
Doenjang Jjigae was so tasty.

The price of a shellfish platter, Korean banquet noodle soup, and one bowl of rice (including Doenjang Jjigae) was totally 36,000 won; you can afford it.
Because it was dinner, not the time for drinks, such a low price was possible.
If we drank soju advertised by using the top singer Hyo-lee Lee, we might add one more appetizer served with alcoholic beverages.

The evening of late summer is cool, so the customers prefer the outside to the inside of the restaurant.
We expected there were some mosquitoes outside of the restaurant, we stayed the inside. However, if you do not wear short pants, you can enjoy the food outside of the restaurant.
The restaurant named as ‘Sankkomjangeo Buljogaegui (Alive Sea Eels & Grilled Clams)’ is located near Sangdong Station (in Bucheon) on Seoul Subway Line 7.

How to get there:
(1) Take exit 4 of Sangdong Station on Seoul Subway Line 7 and go straight.
(2) Go straight about 100M more, cross the street, turn left, and get into the direction of an alley.
(3) Get into the alley and you can find the restaurant on the corner of the second building on the left.

Address : (Sohyang-ro 37beon-gil 13-22) 545-15 Sang-dong Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

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