The ultimate in chewy texture - Daegu Seobu Terminal Makchang Alley

One of the most famous food in Daegu is Makchang.
Even though cow and pig have Makchang in their body, it is actually different part.
Cow's Makchang is the last part of its stomach and pig's is of its intestine.

Roasted Makchang in Daegu, espicially from pig, is very famous.
Everywhere you go in Daegu, you can find restaurants which sell Makchang. But the most famous one is in Seobu Terminal Makchang Alley.
You can get there by Daegu Subway which goes to Daegok Station. Take line number one at East-Daegu station or Daegu station. Then get off at Seongdangmot Station.

Take exit three, turn right, and then cross the street, you can find Makchang alley.
Seongdangmot Station is the western part of the station, which means it is located in cross-country bus terminal.
Don't confuse; Seo Daegu express bus terminal in Nowon-dong, Buk-gu is different place.

The whole block is full of restaurants which sell Makchang or boiled rice served in soup with Sundae. In the center of this food alley, there is a restaurant named 'Line number one Makchang'.
There were not that many Makchang restaurants as I expected.
I tried Line number one Makchang located on the main street.

There are some tables both inside and outside of the store. I think the outside terrace is better for couples or preparing events. You can overlook the main street from there.
The interior is similar to cafe's. So it is an rather unusual experience for me to eat Makchang in this atmosphere.
Looking all around, I found that the interior was really well decorated.

I think Makchang is rusticity and have a folksy atmosphere, but this modern style interior goes well with it.
I ordered unseasoned Makchang to taste its original taste.
The price for serving is 7000 won or 8000 won and unseasoned bacon is 8000 won.

After I ordered, they served side dishes. The plates were pottery and chin which I like.
I like these plates because in Seoul, I usually use plastic containers.
Moreover, I really liked seasoned vegetables and a cabbage salad as appetizers. Also, scallion in soybean paste was really fresh.

They set perilla leaf, lettuce, and cheongyang red pepper. I also ordered one beer because it goes well with Makchang.
Cold beer is perfect with Makchang.

Finally, charcoal fire, a hot grill, and Makchang were set on the table.
Well baked Makchang with potato and rice cake became yellowish.
On greased grill, Makchang, potato, and rice cake were baked, making sizzling sound.

Steamed egg was also really good.
This is a good protector for stomach before you eat meat.
Makchang is different shape from pork intestine. It is more tough and chewy.

The clerk said that it would be baked faster if you opened the inside of Makchang.
Mellow kimchi and bean sprouts were put on the grill when Makchang was done.
Baked Kimchi and bean sprouts made the meat have more rich taste.

After three or four minutes, eat one piece of Makchang wrapped in perilla leaf and lettuce with garlic and soybean paste.
It is ok to have them without vegetables if you want original taste of Makchang.
You can taste the crunch and chewy texture, which might be hard to find in other part of the meat.

Because of the fire, the outside of Makchang is crunch and the inside is soft and aromatic.
Two servings of meat is enough for two people and you can add a bowl of rice if you need more.
One serving of Makchang and a bowl of rice with beer will give you a perfect dinner time. 
Terminal is both a meeting place and parting place.
It was good time for me to have Daegu Makchang.

Location : Daegu Namgu Daemyungdong 1131-1(Daemyungro 8), Tel. : 053-656-3348

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