A briefing session on environmental technologies tailored to local government’s demand to be held

Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI) is holding a briefing session on latest environmental technologies tailored to local governments’ demand on December 19 at Orakai Songdo Park Hotel, Incheon.

The meeting, which is co-hosted by the Ministry of Environment (MOE) and Incheon City and co-organized by KEITI and Incheon Technopark, is aimed at expanding application of cutting-edge environmental technologies that were jointly developed through the industry-academia-institute collaboration with support from MOE to local governments.

The briefing session will mainly introduce the odor prevention technology which can be a practical solution to address environmental challenges facing Incheon.

Incheon City has designated 7 areas including Namdong Techno Valley as odor control areas and strived to effectively resolve odor problem in basic environmental treatment facilities, such as sewage treatment plant, and industrial complexes.

To help Incheon cope with such challenges, KEITI will introduce latest environmental technologies by major environmental fields covering air, water and waste. 
Six technologies in each field, a total of 18 technologies, will be shared at the briefing session. For instance, technology for recovering high purity methane by removing odor causing substances regarding air, technology for sewage management system regarding water and technology for developing eco-friendly thermal coal by recycling sewage sludge regarding waste will be introduced at the meeting.

In addition, the meeting will offer an exhibition on technology models and specialized consultation on patent management, technology financing, investment information, technology transfer and support for commercialization that are tailored to technology users.

“Through the meeting, we will encourage the development of environment technologies that link the industry, academia, institute and local governments and closely work together with Incheon which aims to be a Low Carbon, Green City,” said a director from KEITI.

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