Lifelong Learning Programs Available

Gyeongggi-Do Provincial Institute for Lifelong Learning (GILL) operates Durunuri Academy.

Participants in Durunuri Academy are learning a program to obtain POP certificate. 

By enrolling in 24/7 Durunuri Academy, which operated by Geonggi Province and Gill, every Gyeonggi resident can participate in lifelong learning programs anywhere and anytime. 

This project was designed to narrow the gaps in lifelong learning educational levels among regions and socioeconomic groups within the province. Any resident in Geonggi Provice who forms a learning club consisting of more than ten people with a common learning subject can apply for the program. After being screened, the club will be offered up to KRW 1 million as instructor fee. 

However, underprivileged classes such as children from poor families, at-risk youth, women and seniors without continuous careers, multicultural families, and prisoners, they can apply for the program when more than five people gather. 

With at least two hours per week, selected clubs should have classes for and a minimum total of more than 20 hours within two months. During the class period, the province and GILL will promote information sharing and social networking by organizing workshops for learning coordinators, club leaders, and instructors.

In addition, instructors for learning clubs are being recruited. Qualified applicants are deployed to each club by their skills. 

Applicants can only apply online at any time through Gyeonggi Lifelong Learning Portal (gil.gg.go.kr).  Applicants for club activity support should select “Apply for Lifelong Learning Club” on the “Learning Zone” menu, and those for instructor support should select “Instructor Bank” on the “Announcement Zone.” For other inquiries, you can contact Lifelong Learning Policy Research Bureau of GILL at 031-547-6511. 

Since 2010, Gyeonggi Province has supported about 7,500 participants in a variety of programs for lifelong learning including basic literacy, supplementary academic activities, career skills, culture and art, and liberal arts and humanities . Carrying out the programs in only four counties last year, GILL plans to expand them into the whole counties of the province this year. 

Lee Seong, the head of GILL, said, “The strength of this project is to provide residents-centered onsite services in order to promote participation in self-directed lifelong learning.We make further efforts l try so that every Gyeonggi resident can experience the true value of lifelong learning.”

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