100 Meister High School students to be selected

2nd Hhalf recruiting information session held for career guidance teachers ... Requested more strengthened Korean history education 

POSCO invited career guidance teachers from meister high schools in the steel, machine, and electrical fields, and hosted a recruiting information session. 

POSCO, which has been placing efforts in creating jobs for high school graduates by expanding investment both domestically and internationally in the Indonesia integrated steelworks, FINEX Plant 3 and others despite uncertain management conditions, is hiring meister high school students with creative and technology expertise potential with a priority. 

Those who are selected not only receive customized on-site training including steel production process operation and basics of equipment inspection, but also receive foreign language education in preparation for overseas steelworks operation, and are fostered as global operation and maintenance talents. 

AlsoFurther, large scale support is provided to Pohang Jecheol Tedchnical High School which newly opened this past March, and offers a smart learning environment, a virtual steel operation system, and concurrent industry-academia teachers to foster POSCO Family customized talent. 

POSCO hosted a hiring information session inviting career guidance teachers from meister high schools to Pohang headquarters on July 16th, providing information on the priority hiring of meister high school students with potential and discussed ways to foster leading technology talent. Kim Mugyeong Pohang Public Relations Group 
Pohang Jecheol Technical High School, to foster global multi-functional talent, especially particularly strengthened meister certification and graduation requirements to include credit from a different major aside from the main major, as well as 3 certificates of qualifications in the main major field of study, and 2 certificates of qualifications from other majors, and as well as a TOEIC Speaking level of 6 or above. Accordingly, POSCO will strengthen recommendation criteria starting with the 2nd half meister high school recruiting. 

Recruiting schedules, hiring processes, and the on-site training program were introduced at the POSCO meister high school hiring information session, and versatile discussions were held on ways to foster leading technology talent by touring the smart campus of Pohang Jecheol technical high school`s multi-functional education courses. 

Through the POSCO meister high school student advanced hiring, which will be carried out in the 2nd half of this year, 100 students will be selected based on recommendations, basic job ability/character tests, and specialty interviews. 

Especially at the information session, POSCO requested meister high schools to provide Korean history education utilizing afterschool classes and on-site learning to strengthen proper historical consciousness among teenagers. POSCO gives priority to those who have a Korean History Exam Level 3 or above, and includes Korean history in the interview process. 

The POSCO Labor Outsource Team, through this information session, expects to recruit leading multi-functional talent with proper historical and national views in advance. Meanwhile, POSCO plans to further expand open hiring to support socially disadvantaged children of families receiving assistancesocially considerable class children of families receiving welfare, and as well as multi-cultural families. 

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