Gangwon Province's traditional markets become an emotional market approaching with the hearts

Gangwon province executed 4 Kindness Service Education sessions on 300 merchants of the 55 traditional markets within the province for two days from June 17 to 18 at Chuncheon Gangwon Sup Experience Center and Gangneung Missionary Center.

This education has been prepared to secure differentiated competitiveness of traditional markets to successfully counteract on the changes of distribution environment of which the alley commercial supremacy is gradually becoming submerged due to the recent appearance of hypermarkets•SSM that are equipped with immense capital and distribution networks as well as to meet that changed service requests of customers.

The education conducted for case studies, practical works, games, video watching on contents such as "Making customers happy with humorous services," "Service Image Making" and so on. Also, the market merchants would be able to break away from the existing obsolete way of thinking through a change of thinking focused on customers, and various practical methods would be taught for the customer satisfaction to take measures actively to meet customer requirements.

Many merchants participated in this small and medium merchant service education despite their busy schedule, and the targets of this education was to foster accurate awareness on the changing environments and mind management, as well as provide positive influences to the surrounding merchants so that the traditional markets would be able to adapt better to the changing environment and it is expected to significantly assist the markets to have autogenic power.

Until now, the focus was to establish infrastructure for the ground conditions as the facilities of the traditional markets within the province were falling behind, however from now, it is time to consider fostering management to be important which can only be brought through change of one’s consciousness.

For continuous activation of the market, the basic amenities are important but what is more important is to act quickly on customer demands, and this era requires service minds to be fundamental.

Jang Cheol Gyu, the director of the provincial economic promotion stated that continuous service education will be conducted in the future to counteract and to promptly meet such needs of the times. At the same time, predicted that if the markets filled with the affection of our unique traditional markets that coexists with the modern service approaches the hearts of the customers, it will lead the customers back to the traditional markets.

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